IOT Security

Equipping more and more apathetic objects with microprocessors and Wi-Fi connectivity and linking those “things” with powerful analytics engines in the cloud is fundamentally altering the way we live and work. But do you hear that drubbing? It’s attackers thrashing the expanded perimeter but also IT professionals’ agonizing headaches.

Controlling the rapid inflow of connected devices, the software that makes them functional and the supporting cloud and network infrastructure makes managed security services more important than ever. From “thing” to cloud to app and back – test, monitor and secure your IoT with Cycops Managed IoT Security.

With more than 10 years of penetration testing, product security assessment and managed security services experience and Cycops renowned PoC team at the forefront of the latest security threats (IoT and otherwise), no other security company can offer such a complete, meticulous IoT assessment and monitoring solution from the physical object to the supporting apps and infrastructure.

Internet of Things is in constant skyward trend along with the market demand for connected devices. That in turn generates beneficial opportunities for many industries. However, the further expansion of IoT business can be slowed down by security concerns in the area of data privacy and integrity as well as systems and communication security. Everything in IoT is interconnected (cloud systems, devices, end users) and so more personal information and sensitive data will exist in the Internet. Because of that Internet-enabled systems will become attractive targets for cyber-attacks. The security risk in IoT applies not only to software domain but also to the world of smart devices that have exploitable vulnerabilities.

Security Hardware Design & Implementation

  • Design of crypto systems
  • Hardware crypto modules
  • Embedded systems security
  • Iot (bare metal) systems security

Connectivity & Back end Solutions

  • Connectivity and secure information exchange
  • Protection of network and application infrastructure
  • Mobile systems security
  • Critical infrastructure protection (SCADA)
  • Remote telemetry and tele-mechanics
  • Remote access and monitoring
  • Identity and Access Management
  • PKI

Consultancy & Services

  • Penetration tests and audits
  • Risk assessment
  • Security policy design and implementation

Cycops is aware of the complexity of security related threats since we have been addressing them in our cyber security solutions for more than 10 years. Our profound knowledge and cross industry experience let us built a security oriented team of experts, who have a unique expertise in the field of software, hardware and connectivity security. We are here to create a robust solution for your IT systems and IoT projects.

Buy-in from the board for security projects traditionally is difficult at colleges and universities due to a lack of engagement and understanding of the problem. In many cases, security projects don’t get funded until there is a major incident.

Manufacturers, developers and marketers of IoT products and services need to protect themselves and their customers before they go to market and throughout the product lifecycle. Businesses gaining competitive advantage by integrating IoT into their operations need to deploy IP-enabled devices securely and maintain a watchful eye on the technology and related back-end services.

Reduce Compromise Risk

Reduce the risk of costly breaches, recalls and class-action lawsuits. Identify IoT security issues before the public or attackers do.

Assure Customers

Assure buyers of your IoT products and services that you developed your offerings with security in mind. Demonstrate your commitment to protecting customers’ privacy.

Deploy IoT Securely

Understand what assets reside on your network. Validate that you’ve securely deployed IoT objects or services on your network. Reduce your compromise risk with managed security services.

Adjust to Your Evolving IoT Strategy

Any change to your deployment could introduce vulnerabilities. Quickly re-test and validate fixes at no extra cost with Cycops Managed Security Testing.

With insight gathered from our advanced security research, penetration testing and incident response investigations, Cycops PoC team, understands how attackers think and operate. We apply our deep, specialized knowledge to every customer engagement and use that intelligence to fuel our managed security services and technologies.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Cycops office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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Risk Assessment Services

Helps you find, identify and prioritize threats to your organization so you can correct any deficiencies, and obtain and maintain compliance.

Web Filtering

Restricts access to inappropriate and potentially dangerous websites and applications, enabling organizations to enforce acceptable-use policies to ensure a safe and productive environment.

Security Awareness Education

Instructs your employees and contractors to understand the threat of social engineering and follow best practices for security, including password management and the safe use of web and social media tools.

Data Loss Prevention

Allows you to discover and classify electronic sensitive information and prevent it from leaving the network.

Network Access Control

Ensures managed and un-managed devices connecting to the network comply with policies and do not introduce malware.


Helps you gain broad visibility of threats to your network and improve your compliance process through logging, monitoring, and analysis of events.

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