We pride ourselves in being India’s premier end-to-end Cyber security partner, providing the most advanced Information security services to companies of all sizes. We have over 9 years’ experience working with corporate, public sector organizations, state owned entities and medium-sized businesses around the globe. Ultimately, our passion is to make a difference and enrich communities by making the impossible possible, through technology, the insight, expertise and experience to handle digital requirements for the mega corps and the smallest start-ups. We cater for a wide range of business transformation requirements with an even wider range of solutions that reduce costs, increase profits, maximize productivity and future proof your business.

Cycops is responsible for securing and managing access to corporate data and ensuring availability of enterprise applications and services at all times. Cycops offers threat identity, access, authentication and vulnerability management solutions to help identity, security, and risk teams control access, reduce risk, and maintain continuous compliance.

Many alternatives lack robust integration with other enterprise systems and do not map vulnerabilities to operational systems and critical data. Businesses need to correlate risk exposure across identity access and other security controls and provide strong multi-factor authentication capabilities to protect critical systems. At Cycops Security we have the knowledge, resources and professionalism to Assess, Audit, Address, Analyze and Address your security requirements.

When you engage Cycops as a trusted information security partner, you gain access to our full range of consulting services. We leverage our experience, knowledge and contacts to make you successful.

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Cycops really helped us achieve our security goals. The risk assessment report along with fantastic readability ensures that our tangible IT assets are stable.

Amanda Seyfried
Chief Technology Officer, Health Care Industry
Managed Services

We provide this facility management coupled with a managed service, eliminating the challenge of lack of resources and skills.


Cycops services are trusted by thousands of companies and government agencies.


Our solutions are scalable and we supply the full suite of services, tailored to your needs.


We are independent of any single vendor or partner technology and we will always provide you with informed and objective advice.

History of Delivery

We have a long track record of successfully helping businesses improve their performance.


Cycops unceasingly thrive to drive for professional and high standard service in the industry.

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