Security Risk Assessment

Companies have limited time and resources to help secure them from cyber events. They cannot protect themselves 100% from every risk that they face. Use Cycops Solutions security risk assessment to provide you with an ideal and simple way to identify which risks you face, what impact that might have on your company and how likely these risks are to occur. Armed with this knowledge you can then direct your resources and efforts to manage the risks you face in a structured and meaningful way.

Many companies either don’t take a risk-based approach to their information security or focus their risk assessments at a very granular level – e.g. perimeter risk assessment.

This approach potentially ignores the strategic context for an organization’s information systems and the potential risk to that organization of compromise, breach or loss of that information system or service.

Cycops, highly experienced and qualified consultants perform risk assessments of Information security taking into account key factors and context such as the core business of your company, its mission values and the markets it operates in.

Our assessment identifies all information assets in scope, the threats to those assets, existing controls employed and exposures due to lack of controls for known risks. We then perform a highly structured standards based risk evaluation based on likelihood of attack and impacts of the events to your company.

Finally, we recommend a series of specific, prioritized risk mitigation measures and activities. The focus of this engagement is for a C level audience within a company.

  • Your company gets full visibility of prioritized risks to your business assets within the appropriate context of your specific business.
  • You get specific, measurable, relevant and timely recommendations to mitigate risks.
  • Our service is relevant for both C level and IT management.
  • You get a roadmap of recommendations to focus and drive your information security strategy and work plan.
  • Our service is tailored completely to your requirements in terms of services delivered, time and commercial models.

Not only our service help reduce overhead in your security team, a vulnerability and access risk management solution will reduce your risk of an attack and save you what could be millions in the case of a breach.

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Risk Assessment Services

Helps you find, identify and prioritize threats to your organization so you can correct any deficiencies, and obtain and maintain compliance.

Web Filtering

Restricts access to inappropriate and potentially dangerous websites and applications, enabling organizations to enforce acceptable-use policies to ensure a safe and productive environment.

Security Awareness Education

Instructs your employees and contractors to understand the threat of social engineering and follow best practices for security, including password management and the safe use of web and social media tools.

Data Loss Prevention

Allows you to discover and classify electronic sensitive information and prevent it from leaving the network.

Network Access Control

Ensures managed and un-managed devices connecting to the network comply with policies and do not introduce malware.


Helps you gain broad visibility of threats to your network and improve your compliance process through logging, monitoring, and analysis of events.

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