Compliance verification

Companies must understand and assess risk to enable niftier decision making and keep up with cyber initiatives. Having a comprehensive perspective on top risks to your company allows you to modify your security program, optimize technology and address risks more effectively.

Cycops information risk experts execute appropriate assessment activity to evaluate information risk and focus on what matters most to your company. We translate your requirements into in-depth, actionable remediation recommendations and develop policies to support them. Cycops helps organizations move from cataloged efforts to programs that achieve alertness and business resilience.

A precise Risk Management and Compliance program is essential for any organization to be successful nowadays and safeguard its assets are protected. In today’s complex IT security environment, organizations have many challenges managing their risks and ensuring their business is compliant with ever increasing industry standards such as: PCI DSS, HIPPA, FISMA, GLBA and ISO. A constantly evolving regulatory environment paired with ever-changing security solutions creates a challenging landscape for your organization to succeed. You need a Risk Management and Compliance program to operate more efficiently, enable effective information sharing, more effectively report activities and avoid wasteful overlaps.

You and your team of IT executives are challenged to stay above the fray and balance compliance needs with security costs. Risk Management

Cycops assimilated approach to helping clients in regards to governance, risk management and compliance offers a high level of focus in detecting and adhering to regulatory compliance. Our skilled security consultants ensure high priority issues are addressed appropriately and develop successful strategies to match regulatory requirements, including PCI DSS, ISO 27001, SOX, HIPAA and many others. We utilize enterprise performance management to ensure engagements are completed in a thorough yet timely fashion.

  • Use our experiences, resources, activities and templates to gain ISO27001 accreditation quickly and cost effectively.
  • Use ISO27001 as an internationally recognized best practices Information security framework to reduce your risks and to assure internal and external stakeholders of your Information Security posture and operations.
  • Use our team and services to augment your existing strategic information security resources with another strategic resource to either bring areas of expertise not within your team or to accelerate work packages.
  • Our service is tailored completely to your requirements in terms of services delivered, time and commercial models.
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Cycops really helped us achieve our security goals. The risk assessment report along with fantastic readability ensures that our tangible IT assets are stable.

Amanda Seyfried
Chief Technology Officer, Health Care Industry


Risk Assessment Services

Helps you find, identify and prioritize threats to your organization so you can correct any deficiencies, and obtain and maintain compliance.

Web Filtering

Restricts access to inappropriate and potentially dangerous websites and applications, enabling organizations to enforce acceptable-use policies to ensure a safe and productive environment.

Security Awareness Education

Instructs your employees and contractors to understand the threat of social engineering and follow best practices for security, including password management and the safe use of web and social media tools.

Data Loss Prevention

Allows you to discover and classify electronic sensitive information and prevent it from leaving the network.

Network Access Control

Ensures managed and un-managed devices connecting to the network comply with policies and do not introduce malware.


Helps you gain broad visibility of threats to your network and improve your compliance process through logging, monitoring, and analysis of events.

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