Cyber Security Health Check

Cyber-attacks are now a very real threat to all industries. High-profile, high-impact security breaches are big news, with markets, and customers now considering a successful cyber-attack to be the ‘unforgivable event’, from which there may be no recovery.

There is an ever increasing amount of responsibility (and enhanced due-diligence) placed on executives to assure their stakeholders, and their customers, that appropriately mature cyber security measures are in place within their organizations.

Cycps partners with customers to create pertinent cyber security strategies that enable organizations to make informed decisions that fit their business objectives.

Suitable for any sized business

Our Cyber Security and Privacy health check is suitable for any sized business, small, medium or large and it is affordable and well worth the investment. The recommendations and mitigation strategies are realistic and in consideration of the nature and scale of your business.

During our Cyber Security Health-Check, we conduct an in-depth review of your organization’s ‘as-is’ security maturity, measuring the security posture against a standard that is right for you, such as the PCI-DSS, HIPAA,ISO and the 10 Steps to Cyber Security framework.

We follow the initial review with a focused threat model exercise, to identify the top threats relevant to your organization, documenting specific attack scenarios and identifying the relevant key performance indicator (KPI).

The recent changes to the privacy act introduce mandatory breach notifications and our Cyber Security and Privacy health check will help your business to:

  • Understand your information assets and current levels of protection
  • Understand your possible breach scenarios and associated risk
  • Provide your business with a snapshot of your key Cyber Security risks
  • Cyber Security and Privacy protection are keystones of business integrity and progression.  If you want to be proactive, chat or contact us.

Your business needs to know what “the family jewels” are, what risks are associated with them and what to do about protecting them.

Identify your critical information assets and review protections.

Understand which key areas are going to need attention.

Understand the most likely causes of a breach, the impact and what to do about it.

Prepare, be proactive and generate awareness.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Cycops office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Cycops really helped us achieve our security goals. The risk assessment report along with fantastic readability ensures that our tangible IT assets are stable.

Amanda Seyfried
Chief Technology Officer, Health Care Industry

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