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Cycops really helped us achieve our security goals. The risk assessment report along with fantastic readability ensures that our tangible IT assets are stable.

Amanda Seyfried
Chief Technology Officer, Health Care Industry

Cycops mobile application penetration testing service can identify vulnerability within Android, iOS and Windows applications. Our PoC Lab maintains an up-to- date mobile application security testing tools and utilizes a combination of both physical devices and mobile device emulators to achieve comprehensive security test coverage. We adopt an integrated approach that combines the strengths of manual penetration testing, jail-breaking technology and mobile platform appropriate tools to identify security risks before they are exploited.

Get a second pair of eyes on your application

We’ll tailor each test to your type of app, using industry-standard tools and methodologies. So if you need to test your application security as part of PCI DSS, GDPR etc or just want to protect your brand, our mobile and web application penetration testing is a good way to increase customer trust and loyalty.

Our process includes several steps, such as reverse-engineering, security controls and application logic, dynamic analysis, inspection of application traffic and locally stored data, examination of the server-side components, and so on.

During the testing process, security engineers look at the application from an intruder’s viewpoint and try to devise and launch their own intrusion.

Our expert penetration testers will analyze all aspects of your web or mobile application to remove security weaknesses. This helps identify and prioritize organizational risks and works towards a secure software development lifecycle.

Mobile applications, and the devices upon which they run, have quickly become a core part of everyday technology. With a gush in mobile application development, and developers under time pressure to provide new functionality, attacks and breaches have dramatically increased.

Our mobile application testing methodology looks at the system as a whole; we test both the client application and the back-end that the app talks to.

Using the OWASP Mobile Security Project top ten as a foundation, we combine web application security assessment techniques with assessment techniques specific to mobile computing environments.

Along with any features specific to the application, we will review:

  • The files from the application when decompiled
  • The application source code
  • The presence and implementation of transport security
  • Any potential for binary modification
  • Authorization, permission and authentication controls
  • Any fallout from uninstalling the application

Detailed Executive summary, technical finding, industry benchmark metric & Security practices gap, remediation reports will be submitted to you during our Debriefing stage.

Our mobile application security testing will find vulnerabilities, prioritize them, and recommend remedial actions, helping you to define and mitigate your risks. For development teams, we will also help you integrate secure development practices into your development lifecycle, improving the security of subsequent applications.

Range of industries

Why choose us?

We have a team of passionate specialists that will provide your business with amazing, yet cost-effective security solutions tailored to your exact requirements. We are driven to give our clients the support and reassurance they require to keep their IT systems and their businesses running smoothly at all times.

Using enterprise ticket handling and remote support systems, Cycops India’s personnel have use of the best tools in the industry to aid their tasks.

We manually validate and verify each and every issue we discover. We will not have your team wasting countless hours sifting through a large report that is only partially accurate.

We have performed thousands of penetration testing engagements for organizations over the past nine years. Our constantly evolving methodology and experience based approach provide results not commonly seen with other assessment companies.

All of our team members have a profound understanding of infrastructure as well as security. When we provide strategic or tactical recommendations, we do so while taking into account the organization and business we are working with. Most importantly we strive to provide maximum positive impact and value to our clients by helping them identify, quantify and mitigate risks.

Our severity rating methodology is based on the context under which the issue was discovered. For example, we don’t rate anything “Critical” that we did not exploit. We also pay close attention to the circumstances for a given issue. Was the system available externally? How large is the attack surface? The audience? All of these contexts and many more affect how a severity level is applied to a discovered issue.

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